Company Incorporation Form

Please fill out as much information as you can. Our customer service representative will assist you to complete the remaining information by phone or email.

Section A - Company Details
Proposed Company Name *can include symbols such as : & ' 0 . () Note: Please also provide 2 alternative names in order of preference in the event your proposed name is unavailable.
Brief explanation on the inspiration/meaning behind the proposed name Note: Please provide further clarification if the proposed name:
  1. is not in English / Malay;
  2. is an abbreviation;
  3. contains a proper name of a person who is not a director;
  4. is related / similar to an existing company name, and if so, whether a written consent is obtained, and to provide evidence of the same (this is usually for subsidiary/related company); or
  5. is a registered trademark, and if so, whether consent has been obtained from the trademark owner, and to provide evidence of the same.
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MSIC Code (for registration purposes) Note: You may wish to refer to for more information. Alternatively, we will find an appropriate code for you based on the description of your proposed business
Note: max. 200 words.
Your contact details [Please fill everything out so we can contact you for additional & necessary information.]
Note: as per NRIC / Passport
Section B - Particulars of Director(s)
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Section C1 - Particulars of Shareholder(s) Here you may add details of any Individual Shareholder(s) of your proposed company. If any of the proposed shareholder(s) is a company or corporate entity, you may fill up its details in the next section.
Section C2 - Particulars of Corporate Shareholder(s) Here you may add details of any Corporate Shareholder(s) of your proposed company.
Section D - Agency Information (Employees/Other Branches))
Declaration / Statement of Compliance
ATTENTION: It is an offence under section 591 of the Companies Act 2016 to make or authorize the making of a statement that a person knows is false or misleading and that person may be liable, upon conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years or to a fine not exceeding RM3 million or to both.

Kindly also furnish us a scanned copy of the following for verification.
For body corporates established after 31 January 2017
For body corporates established before 31 January 2017

I, on behalf of myself and/or other director/ authorised person/beneficial owner of the Company, hereby declare that the information contained in this Due Diligence Questionnaire is accurate, complete and up to date to the best of our knowledge and belief, and we undertake to notify you immediately that we become aware of any changes to the information contained therein.

We confirm that we shall not use the Company for any illegal or immoral purposed and we shall procure that no person(s) acting for us or on my/our account use the Company for any illegal or immoral purposes.

We confirm that we take full responsibility for making all tax and/or other declarations, both now and in the future, in connection with the Company.

We also confirm that we have read, understand and accept iComSec’s services contract and the terms and conditions contained therein.

We indemnify iComSec for all and any loss, damage, claims, charges, fees, taxes, costs and expenses howsoever suffered or incurred from any claims, actions or proceedings initiated or brought by any persons arising from the corporate services provided or to be provided to us including the provision of nominee directors, nominee shareholders and the opening of bank accounts for and on our behalf and for taking and acting on the instructions of our authorised person(s) unless the same caused by gross negligence or wilful default

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